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CN-103472922-A: Destination selecting system based on P300 and SSVEP (Steady State Visual Evoked Potential) hybrid brain-computer interface patent, CN-103488558-A: Device and method of automatically acquiring application anomalies based on LOG4J logging framework patent, CN-103495377-A: Preparation method of magnetic nanoparticles adsorbing Congo red dye patent, CN-103509475-A: Adhesive film, adhesive composition for same and optical member including same patent, CN-103521056-A: Method of mineralizing and immobilizing CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) by virtue of calcium-enriched waste liquid patent, CN-103528087-A: Method for resisting low voltage fault of coal feeder patent, CN-103529683-A: Wrist developer type alarm clock patent, CN-103544431-A: 一种对非法程序的免疫方法、系统及装置 patent, CN-103550598-A: Medicament for treating children autism patent, CN-103559651-A: 一种配电网节能量量化表征及计算分析方法 patent, CN-103560738-A: Permanent magnet synchronous motor rotor position observation system for restraining position pulsation observation errors and observation method thereof patent, CN-103587219-A: Cloth adhesion machine for european style cloth propaganda patent, CN-103602985-A: Chemical milling method used for aeroengine corrosion-resistant single crystal blades patent, CN-103610029-A: Method for extracting uranidin from physalis pubescens fruit patent, CN-103616966-A: Gravity sensing 3D table top system and implementing method thereof patent, CN-103618419-A: Large-size shielding motor stator core pressing technology patent, CN-103620040-A: Enhanced transformation of recalcitrant monocots patent, CN-103627357-A: 一种大功率导电芯片粘接剂 patent, CN-103630871-A: 电子式电能表动态特性测试装置 patent, CN-103635203-A: 包含重组人艾杜糖醛酸-2-硫酸酯酶的组合物和制剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-103635561-A: 液晶组合物 patent, CN-103649976-A: Anti-counterfeiting marking with asymmetrical concealment patent, CN-103660094-A: Oblique pin mechanism patent, CN-103665614-A: Method for preparing and producing dedicated motorcycle material through recycling and modifying waste motorcycle plastic casings patent, CN-103673631-A: 一种具有拉渣功能的电石炉开堵眼机 patent, CN-103681070-A: 电磁铁装置及使用该电磁铁装置的开关 patent, CN-103681719-A: 一种可见光器件圆片级封装结构和方法 patent, CN-103686629-A: 用于中继消息的方法和相关的中继设备 patent, CN-103687936-A: 齿轮润滑剂 patent, CN-103693885-A: Polycarboxylate superplasticizer composition and application thereof patent, CN-103694368-A: Method for extracting rice bran polysaccharides patent, CN-103695636-A: 一种制备电解二氧化锰的方法 patent, CN-103699484-A: Version management method of embedded software component patent, CN-103701996-A: 一种移动终端的应用程序通知的快速开闭方法 patent, CN-103704264-A: 一种消毒清洁剂 patent, CN-103709117-A: Method for producing isothiazole derivative patent, CN-103713300-A: 一种准静态双星定位的方法及其应用 patent, JP-2007525303-A: 本物の乳固形分を含む液体飲料を計量分配するための方法及び装置 patent, CN-103713986-A: 一种多结点mic卡检测方法及系统 patent, CN-103714035-A: 一种用于集成环境的多层软件总线结构 patent, CN-103714950-A: High-intensity magnetic core patent, CN-103725969-A: Novel low-cost 80mm Q390GJC steel plate and production method thereof patent, CN-103732221-A: Gallium complexes, pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use patent, CN-103734916-A: 基于蓝牙4.0技术的物联网智能电子烟 patent, CN-103747139-A: 电子装置及其启动方法 patent, CN-103749307-A: 短瓣石竹的组织培养繁殖方法 patent, CN-103762257-A: Method for manufacturing copper-zinc-tin-sulfide absorbing layer thin film and copper-zinc-tin-sulfide solar cell patent, CN-103762340-A: Rapid high-temperature curing drying process of lead-acid storage battery unformed electrode plate patent, CN-103762649-A: Novel portable automobile emergency ignition power source with MP3 and LED display screen patent, CN-103764180-A: Method for producing an implant coating, and corresponding implant patent, CN-103765399-A: 在多核系统中分配中断的方法和设备 patent, CN-103766491-A: 一种山药酸奶及其制备方法 patent, CN-103772293-A: 含氟嘧啶类化合物及用途 patent, CN-103773299-A: Adhesive containing modified nanopowder patent, CN-103779207-A: 包含湿蚀刻制程以移除氮化硅的半导体结构形成方法 patent, CN-103779343-A: 功率半导体模块 patent, CN-103788209-A: Method of preparing alpha1-protease inhibitor patent, CN-103796306-A: 一种利用多移动锚节点对无线传感器网络节点定位的方法 patent, CN-103798687-A: 南瓜红薯粉 patent, CN-103810092-A: Application system testing method and device patent, CN-103815451-A: 一种咖啡花生及其制备方法 patent, CN-103820039-A: Improved acrylate adhesive for wood floors patent, CN-103820425-A: 一种用于制备海藻酸钙纤维的微流体装置 patent, CN-103838043-A: 一种阵列基板及其制备方法、液晶显示面板 patent, CN-103864396-A: 一种烧烤炉头可降解食物支撑棒制作工艺 patent, CN-103871938-A: 用于清洗半导体晶圆的清洗槽 patent, CN-103872030-A: Light-emitting diode and encapsulating structure thereof patent, CN-103874061-A: Method and system for secure and authorized communication between a vehicle and wireless communication devices or key fobs patent, CN-103898474-A: Tungsten-antimony-tellurium (W-Sb-Te) phase change material deposition method and phase change storage unit preparation method patent, CN-103904258-A: 卡扣式电池包及电动工具 patent, CN-103908482-A: 一种灰毡毛忍冬的乙酸乙酯提取物及其制备方法和应用 patent, CN-103914097-A: Method for quickly tracking maximum power point of photovoltaic power generation system patent, CN-103914208-A: Information processing method and electronic device patent, CN-103928346-A: Method for preparing UMOSFET device with N-type heavy doping drift layer table top formed through epitaxial growth patent, CN-103939200-A: Supercharged internal combustion engine with twin-flow turbine and method for operating an internal combustion engine of said type patent, CN-103940271-A: 一种带有蒸发式冷凝器的热管换热系统 patent, CN-103944733-A: Data security interactive method patent, CN-103950913-A: Preparation method of water-soluble fluorescent carbon nanopowder patent, CN-103957247-A: 设备质量评估分数的处理方法及装置 patent, CN-103958178-A: 压花热塑性标签 patent, CN-103960634-A: Method for preparing nano-liposome food flavor patent, CN-103966287-A: 一种海洋地衣芽孢杆菌抗肿瘤蛋白的制备方法及其应用 patent, CN-103976892-A: 一种光甘草定微乳液及其制备方法 patent, CN-103985384-A: 一种基于随机映射直方图模型的文本无关说话人鉴别装置 patent, CN-103988510-A: Encoding and decoding using perceptual representations patent, CN-103996132-A: 一种基于移动互联网的婚庆信息服务系统 patent, CN-103998045-A: 透析前体组合物 patent, CN-104004660-A: 一种蛹虫草摇瓶菌种培养组合物 patent, CN-104004675-A: 一种利用酒精工业黄水生产乳酸菌的方法 patent, CN-104004838-A: Sudangrass variety authenticity detection method and special primers patent, CN-104009798-A: 一种可见光通信设备和系统 patent, CN-104013707-A: Compound essential oil patent, CN-104017255-A: Ozone aging-resistant sidewall rubber for heavy truck all-steel radial tire patent, CN-104030456-A: Water purification system of water-driven biological filter dam patent, CN-104035613-A: 用于触摸应用的玻璃上芯片 patent, CN-104042810-A: 阿胶止咳丸 patent, CN-104045253-A: Slag additive and its preparation method and use patent, CN-104054420-A: Engine mounting structure for mini-tiller patent, CN-104059131-A: Anti-silk fibroin polyclonal antibody and preparation method thereof patent, CN-104065744-A: Controlling and managing method of intelligent far-end device and remote terminal patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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